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It’s simple. We are better in every aspect, let us explain how.
We value every single person involved in our brand- from our customers to the factory staff members.
We know they work under good conditions to ensure they get to spend time with their babies. After all- they are parents, just like you and I.

So what makes us better for your baby? Well, now you won’t need to compromise, not with your baby’s health nor the design.
With a mother as the designer means you can expect honestly, support, toxic-free designs with an edge for your little one.
If we don’t meet your expectations, we want to hear it from you so we can keep improving and will not stop until we get it right.

After countless research and testing trials concerning the fabrics and manufacturers, we have created the strongest possible clothing items. We believe in longer lasting clothing, which can be used over and over again with little sis or bro.

When we say softer, we mean softer. We only use top quality cotton from Turkey. It is combed to perfection, smooth as a newborn baby cheek. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the research online. Organic cotton is the most soothing one, which is crucial for the baby’s extra sensitive skin.

By cleaner, we mean several things. Cleaner in design and cleaner in not one but two globally recognized organic certificates. Being both GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified while producing within Europe allows us have extra control of the process.
Did you know that within the EU, laws are more high and strict when it comes to chemical usage compared to Asia? This means you are not only buying stylish clothing, but you can feel reassured about your baby’s skin and a clean conscious about the welfare of the fabric employees and the future environment for your baby!

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