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Autumn, art craft and interior design for your children’s room



Perhaps you are like me and get extra motivated to make it cozy at home when fall is around the corner? I feel like autumn is experienced best when you do a little baking or maybe take out your crafts and get creative with your children – and also do a little touch-up with your interior design. I always ‘nest’ a little bit extra prior the seasons that we spend a lot of time indoors. That way, we have something to look forward to.


I clean out the closets, trying to keep only the favorites and donating the rest. My goal is that the kids’ clothes should fit into two machines when doing laundry, each color respectively. I usually ask myself if we really need pile of clothes. What if we invest in clothes with good quality and choose colors that we can combine for eternity? Less clothes equals spending less time picking them up, do the laundry and sort them out – voilà, you just got more me-time and time to hang out with your children.


My philosophy is that we should aim to spend less and better. That is why we recommend all of you parents to think sustainable when you renew and make changes. Will it be possible to wash, save or sell the garment when your child has outgrown it? Is there any way to renovate or somehow update the interior once your children get older? Take a second to think if the clothes you buy at one of the big clothing stores actually have a second market value. Or will you have to throw them out once they have been worn a few times?

A proud underdog


Perhaps it seems odd that I, as an a owner of a brand, encourage you to spend less – but I feel confident in the quality and design of Adore Us Babies, and that it lives up to the expectations of my personal philosophy. That is what gave me the courage to start my own brand, even though the market is tough. You become proud (and not little, I might add) when your vision to create a better alternative for parents becomes reality and thousands of organically certified garments is delivered by Adore Us Babies – first and foremost within Scandinavia but even in other parts of our big wide world. I may be small but my belief in what is possible has always been big.


That is why it makes me very happy to see a teenager ordering posters from Adore Us Babies at the same time a mother of a newborn baby orders my personal favorite, the birth poster. 

Psst, have you guys seen our new foiled birth poster? The color combinations Grey/Copper and Dark Petroleum/Gold are magical. Also, they’re the perfect gift for baptizes and birthday parties.


Redoing your kids’ room


When we are doing a touch-up in my kids’ room, we all help out to repaint a furniture. My boys are always happy and excited to be a part of the process and get to help to decide. In my bedroom, I have canvas on the walls and the children have painted them – in the colors of my choice. Colors to me are extremely important and that’s where I get picky. Some of them I love and others I definitely don’t want as interior in my home.


I have deliberately made the choice to design with sustainable functions; our posters look great in kids’ rooms in any age, no matter gender. They’re also the perfect way to make an entire wall look new, either in a small format such as 30X40 or in a bigger and more dramatic 50X70. Don’t forget, it’s all in the details so choose them carefully.


Our Wire Words fit the frame within our philosophy of sustainable choices, since they are made of steel and will most likely never break. They also have a design that speaks to both younger and older children. They are, as we say, ‘seriously childish’. My 3-year-old and 5-year-old love to practice the letters and ask curiously how to pronounce the words and what they mean in Swedish. The story of how I encountered a street performer from South Africa, and started to order these words of decoration, is a story for another time.


I hope you all will have a really cozy and wonderful start of autumn.


Lots of Love, 

Sara, Maliq & Dorian

Founder and Designer of Adore Us Babies

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