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What happens when you refuse to compromise?


When I look back I realize I have always had a very clear (and a bit picky, I’ll admit) vision of what I like in terms of style and colors. 
I’ve never been the kind of girl to sit around and wait for someone else’s approval to get things started. I’m absolutely sure it is my strongest quality when it comes to running my own company and the key to the the success of Adore Us Babies.
When an idea pops into my head I can’t let it go until I have it in front of me. My personality is a combination of seeing the big picture and being able to zoom into the tiniest little detail and make it as perfect as possible as a whole.
Trust me, it would have been so much easier to produce non organicollections or buy already made designs. Andit certainly would have been cheaper to produce in, for example, Asia. But I am the kind of person who won’t compromise when there is a better way. 

I do encourage you to do the same- don’t compromise with your time, style or economy. 
Lady, you are a girl boss and you are more than capable of having it all. 
Listen to your inner voice of what is YOUR style, your moral and your values.  
Go your own way. It’s the best favor you can do for yourself- and to inspire your kids to
do the same. 
So here we are - just a few weeks left of releasing our new collection. Designed from scratch. Sometimes, having your own specific ideas means there will be obstacles on the journey towards reaching your goal. In my case, some of my ideas for the production process haven’t been done before. Although, I still need our production team to find a way to make it happen. I know there is a way. 
I’m a firm believer in that work is supposed to be innovative and exciting. My dream has always been to create something extraordinary. That is truly what I love about our Adore Us Babies brand. It’s all me -  my vision board where I’m able to express my colors, words and shapes while trying to contribute making the world a better place. And get to connect with and inspire all you other kick-ass ladies out there.
Stay tuned, you definitely don’t want to miss this. 
Lots and lots of love

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