Only the best for our little ones..
Only the best for our little ones..
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I Love You
I Love You
I Love You

I Love You

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Say it often - say it out loud - say it when they least deserve it, that is when they need it the most. 

Remember that your child is just exploring this thing we call the world & it is confusing & scary at times. A hug & the word I love you - makes everything safe again... 

Remind yourself in a stylish way! 


Adore Us Babies love the clean, simple but unique design. The wall decorations are not only looking great but it can add value to your child as well, by seeing their name or practicing letters at an early age. My own two boys love to see their names & are practicing different languages with our decorations at home. 

Proud spending:

Ordering this word you are supporting the street artists who often are living on the streets or in townships in Cape Town, South Africa. Your order makes a difference for Fezeni, his crew & all of their families lives. 

We believe in a minimalistic lifestyle & we do believe we can offer products that we love to look at & makes us smile. Our philosophy is that you buy less but better, buy products with high quality, timeless design & with a purpose of not only looking good but adding more value into the conscious families lives. 


Our wire words are made in steel wire that will last for many years & are almost impossible to break. Therefore we can say it is a lasting product that will not go out of fashion & hopefully it will be used & loved for many many years. 

Boring or fun info:

Width: around 45 cm

Height: 10 cm

Material: Steel Wire 

Delivery time: 3-5 working days (Could vary outside Europe)

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