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Frequently Asked Questions


I have not received an order confirmation.

After you have paid for your order, we will send an email to the address you entered in the order. We will also send you an email when your products are packed and shipped from our warehouse. Please check your spam folder too! If you have completed your purchase and have not received an order confirmation, please contact us at hello@adoreusbabies.com.

I received the wrong product or there was something wrong with the product.

We want you to be happy with your purchase! If you received a wrong product or for some reason, you are not satisfied with the product, contact us at hello@adoreusbabies.com so we can help you.

Can I return my product?

If you wish to return your product, please notify us at hello@adoreusbabies.com within 14 days of receipt of the product. PLEASE NOTE that personalized products are not included in the right of return.

Shipping and delivery

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to countries within Europe and to the US. If you want to order our products outside these countries or if you have any questions please contact us at hello@adoreusbabies.com and we will try to find a solution.

How long is the shipping?

Generally, we work with Postnord and we have the following shipping times on our regular products:
Sweden: 3-5 working days
Europe: 5-7 working days
US: 5-10 business days
PLEASE NOTE that on personalized birth posters we have 14 working days delivery time.
PLEASE NOTE that on personalized wire words we have 8 weeks delivery time.

Are all products shipped at the same time?

When ordering both regular and personalized products, it is the personal product that determines the delivery time.
14 days for personalized birth posters and 8 weeks for personalized wire words.
If you would like to receive the rest of your order (regular products) before your personal products are ready, please contact us at hello@adoreusbabies.com. Then you can add a shipping cost to your order and we will send the rest of the order to you.

Where is my order?

If you want to track your order, email us and we will send the shipping number to you.


Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, we work with Collector and you can choose to pay by invoice within 30 days or choose partial payment. When paying by invoice an additional fee of 29 SEK will be charged. You will receive your invoice from Collector via e-mail.

Can I postpone an invoice?

You can move the due date on your invoice by logging in to My pages at collector.se. Please note that you cannot move the due date on a partial payment invoice.

What does it cost to pay by invoice?

When paying by invoice an additional fee of 29 SEK will be charged.


What certifications do you have?

All our clothes made of GOTS and OEKO certified fabric, because it is very important for us that our products have high quality and the least possible impact on our environment (our air, water, and soil) and on the people who work in the industry and distribution.
Our posters are printed on FSC certified paper.

What do your certifications mean?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification means that the cotton used in our products is grown, harvested and processed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
Organic cotton is produced without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and meets high-quality standards. The GOTS certification takes into account the working conditions at the production facilities, which means that employees are not minors and they receive a decent salary so that the children can go to school. You can read more about the GOTS certification here.
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 in Product Class I on the cotton is the highest certification available today. This means that the cotton is free of hazardous chemicals that can pose a health risk through skin contact and damage and pollute the environment. You contribute to a better environment and reduce your child's exposure to hazardous substances by choosing our products. More information about OEKO-TEX Standard can be found here.
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper means that it comes from forestry that takes people and the environment into account. The paper used for our posters comes from here.

Who designs your products?

The clothes and the children's room decorations are designed by Sara Svantesson, who is the founder of the Adore Us Babies brand.

Where are your products produced?

Our clothes are produced in Portugal and Turkey.
Our posters are printed in Malmö, Sweden.
All steel wire wall decorations and the actual steel wire rabbit are created by street artist Fezeni in Cape Town, South Africa.

In which size do you offer clothes?

We currently have sizes between 56 - 116.
If your child is between two sizes, choose the bigger size. They seem to grow that way :)


Why do you have a family program?

We created our Family program to give mothers and all women the opportunity to increase their income in a simple and flexible way, by selling our unique and environmentally friendly products.
As a member, you can become a personal shopper by promoting and selling Adore Us Babies products via social media. Adore Us Babies pays a commission on all purchases that come from your recommendation. To find out more about the Family program go to https://family.adoreusbabies.com
I would like to work with you
Go to https://family.adoreusbabies.com to register and become a member of the Adore Us Babies Family.

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